sexta-feira, agosto 15

Não é a meta que conta, mas a viagem que se faz

A PhD it's not about the destination, it's about the journey!

"I contend that earning a PhD is a totally selfish pursuit. A graduate student works very diligently, inspired by profound personal interest, to discover or create something new, conduct a novel experiment, or uncover a great mystery.

Graduate school leading to a PhD degree is very different from professional schools (i.e., medical school, law school, business school, etc.), which tend to teach what others already know. Doctoral programs are all about novel research, or at least should be. (...) PhD graduates, on the other hand, have discovered something new, and have become very specialized experts in their given field. This journey leads them along a path guided by interest and passion. (...) no matter what your final position, once you earn a PhD, you are forever a member of a club – one defined by a journey into discovering something new, and achieving academic accomplishments, guided by interest and passion rather than an employment goal." [from ABCs and PhDs: It’s the Journey not the Destination, Inside Higher Ed: Higher Education's Source for News, Views and Jobs]